Vensenesky Castle

Before the doors of the famous Versaille opened, Vensenesky Castle almost five centuries served as the main residence of the French kings. In its walls, which are a sample of fortification art and medieval architecture, representatives of not one monarch of dynasty were born and ruled. Therefore, the castle that has witnessed many epochemical events still attracts the attention of numerous tourists. It is located, as a guide will tell you in Paris, in the eastern part of the French capital, where it is easy to get even to the city metropolitan.

From the fortress to the palace

Initially, here in the middle of the Vensensky forest there was a rather modest hunting residence of the French nobility. The idea to build a luxurious castle in her place belongs to King Louis VII, who ruled the country in the XII century.

Century later Philip August ordered to build serious strengthening structures around the palace than laid the tradition of the incessant development of a huge defensive fortress. Until our time, a barriate 12-meter wall with three powerful gates and six sentries, whose height reaches 42 meters is excellent. On its perimeter, a well-protected gallery is held, which carried the unrelated watch of soldiers of monarchs.

The military outpost Vensensky castle ceased to be only in the XVII century, thanks to the king Louis XIV, who decided to rebuild him under the secular palace. But soon the monarch left this idea and switched his attention to the then still modest versal, disposing to create on its basis the magnificent palace and park ensemble.

After the royal residence moved to new apartments, the Vincensky Castle lost its former importance. First there is a modest porcelain manufactory, and then prison, where the punishment of Cardinal de Retz was departed, Nicola Fuku, Voltaire, Didro, Count Mirabo and Marquis de Garden. The Last Camera still enjoys a constant interest among visitors.

Lost secular popularity returned to the palace only in 1860, when he finally received the status of historical attractions and resting.

Tourist Mecca

Vensenesky Castle

Today, the Vincensky Castle is located on the territory of a huge park complex, where ancient architectural masterpieces and mass leisure facilities are located. Tourists come here not only to admire the rare samples of medieval architecture, but also just relax among the magnificent nature.

In their form, an ancient castle resembles a huge rectangle, the main tower of which is seen from afar. Near the impregnable, almost 50 meter donzhone, is high, but at the same time a very narrow chapel of Saint-Chapel. Its unusual proportions create an inside an amazing light game that cannot but cause admiration.

Attracts the attention of visitors and holy chapel – one-heel gothic church, having two challenges: one was intended for the king, the other for the queen. A cult factor is also known by what exactly the legendary Cardinal Maazarin fought in his walls. There is also the tomb of the Duke of the Enth of Enthansky, executed by order of the emperor Napoleon.

Store the walls of the castle and other legends. Let’s say, in 1917, Kurtyzanian’s espionage and dancer Mata Hari was shot here. As the historical certificate says, his death rocky woman met so coolly that even sent a shot team his corporate air kiss.

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