Very cheap holiday in a very expensive country

According to the general opinion, Switzerland – the country is not that is not cheaper, but expensive expensive. Even more. Especially if you get there not from Moscow with its astronomical prices, but, let’s say, from New York or Berlin. And just just go to relax there – few people comes to mind.

But Switzerland is one of the oldest and famous tourist powers in the world, and just our compatriots visited her at the beginning of the century more often than anyone. And correctly done – beauty there are extraordinary: mountains where you do not look, endless lakes. In general, Nabokov with Hemingway knew where to live.

Like all – hotels here are silence. Almost all. Almost – because there are exceptions. One of them is a youth hotel in the heart of the country, in the famous resort, in Interlaken. Balmerhs, the first private hostel in Switzerland, founded in 1945 (what they were thinking about then!) – something like student hostel, cozy and cute.

The city of Wonderful lakes are surrounded from both sides – Tun and Brienz, around – as it should be, mountains, including Jungfrau, for lovers in their country of Swiss – Straight Top of Europe. Takes you to the top of the most high-mountainous railway on the whole European territory, and in a day you can completely turn around. But still there are flights to so popular today in Switzerland Paraplan, rafting, mountain biking walks. All necessary equipment Guests get right in the hostel, and for a very modest fee. All excursions are organized there.

He directs the farm in the name of Erich Balmer, reminiscent of a farmer from Kansas, but not the Swiss-subject, and the hostel is not at least the respectable Swiss hotel: good-quality wooden houses, rooms for 2 – 10 people, and Amenities and shower on the floor. This is the only place in Switzerland, where there is no one free space on the walls of the toilet. Cafe type of our dining room – self-service, only the quality of food and the level of purity others.

There are boys and girls from around the world there, from 16 to 26, which such comfort is quite satisfied. But if your age is somewhat solid, and you still want to save – nothing terrible, and you will be glad there. Especially since single rooms are available, at a price of $ 23 per day. Everything else is cheaper: $ 14, $ 16, $ 18 per person.

The price of the room includes a continental breakfast (coffee with a bun) and luxurious at any time of the year view from the window (the hostel is open 360 days a year). Lunch and dinner – for extra $$ 2.5-10.

Very cheap holiday in a very expensive country

For $ 14, you can spend the night in a room with two-storey beds. Or in a tent next to the hotel, and surcharge 1 Franc (86 American cents) – use the shower. The same thing is the laundry. Televisions – only in the dining room, but it seems, no one comes to them at all. And the most mysterious room in the whole hostel – with two two-storey double beds, separated by a small vertical partition.

In the morning of customers will be Swiss music – so that you probably wake up – and announce the weather forecast for the day and exchange rate of currencies. Then (at 10.00) – Breakfast and day scheduled Program: excursions, horses, paragliding, bicycles. And so until the evening. And then the discos (music is no longer Swiss), bars and all flowing out of here. Until 10 in the morning there is enough for everything. Those who did not sleep, the lack of night sleep can fill the day – on the street in the hammock, since from 10.00 to 17.00 Rooms Closed. And so every day.

Two bars – for smokers and non-smoking, in both – excellent beer (the owner says, this is because the water is wonderful) and vodka "Pushkin". Next to the hotel – shops and a small market.

If you visit Balmerhs, you are mandatory and will be completely free to send photos taken during the rest – for memory. So long come.

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