Viennese christmas punch and chestnuts

If you bring just a few days to be in the capital of Austria Vienna, do not put an unbearable goal in front of you to visit everywhere and see everything. PRAIT yourself and leave something for subsequent meetings with this beautiful city.

The history of the city suggests that Vienna was a real melting boiler of cultures and languages. Such is she today. Multiculturalness in combination with traditional Viennese conservatism and a lot to act fresh and inspiringly.

Vienna is good at any time of the year, which is distinguished by all successfully planned cities that were not just built with thick waist, but people with a subtle taste. Vienna and the crowns always caused admiration, and everything that is truly valuable here, at all times they carefully imitated.

Atmosphere of the holiday

The feeling of the home holiday does not least occur due to the appetizing aroma of acidic cabbage and hot punch, hovering on the Christmas market, which spread out in front of an elegant town. Residents of Vienna with children in Kakah, and with dogs on leashes walking around the bazaar, squeeze from mugs PUNS, snapped with fried chestnuts, potatoes and acid cabbage with famous Bratwursti sausages. Life is beautiful, believe the crowns.

The atmosphere of Christmas creates luxurious shopping streets, forced by Christmas gingerbread, christmas decorations and all kinds of festive rubbing – Vienna abundance intoxicates at every step.

City of Arts

Where to begin? Scroll through the hand to you at Vienna Journal airport and purchase Vienna Card. You will receive an overview of the whole thing that can offer you a city, and Card will provide you with free travel in city transport and more than 200 benefits in museums, cafes and shops. For those who do not have to determine their preferences independently, a three-day tourist program is offered.

Viennese christmas punch and chestnuts

Start, for example, from the Quarter of Museums (MQ), where the former imperial stables are given to art, cafes, art shops, workshops and t.NS. In order for the MQ to be more noticeable for tourists, the former exhibition exhibit was installed on the roof of Mumok – the installation of Erwin Vurma artist.

When in the evening I listened to Mozart in the Viennese Concert Hall, I will drive-league on the theater program: "Making money – art, but make out of money art – debt". Looks like Vienna this motto is accepted as a guide to action.

Here is gold and luxury everywhere, since wealth and sense of excellent for the vents are inseparable, as if Siamese twins. Somewhat more reserved atmosphere only in the House of Mozart and, maybe in the Museum of Globes.

In addition to the entire architectural luxury of this city, in addition to the magnificence and wealth of museums and galleries, in addition to the spirit of the story, which is alive here, do not forget to grab with you in memory of Vienna Package Wafenel Manner, Chocolate "Mozartov", plum liqueur and, of course, pidkokov to christmas.

Lunch in cafe 5-13.50 €
Snacks 6.80-9.50 €
Soup 1.50-3.90 €
Coffee from 2 €
A glass of beer 2.50-3.twenty €
Ticket for the train from the airport to the city 9 € (one way)
Bus ticket from the airport 6 € (one way)
Tram ticket 1.50 €
Vienna Card 16.90 €

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