Vietnam. Colorful country

If the tourist goes to Vietnam, He gets an excellent opportunity to learn the country With a rich history, Amazing landscapes and Busy mentalityM.

It is worth noting that Vietnam Not in vain is considered Exotic country, Therefore, going here, the tourist should be attentive and careful, and most importantly prepared.

Among the travelers, this country is quite known, but people are in no hurry to linger in it.

Registration of documents – This is a standard procedure for those who go abroad, so it is difficult to surprise it. Important, So that the working term of the passport amounted to at least six months. Visa It is also mandatory.

Regardless of the health of the health and various medical examinations, the tourist is strongly recommended to make vaccinations from malaria and yellow fever. Moreover, the design of medical insurance (preferably expanded) is also required.

What you should remember, Being on excursions in Vietnam.

  1. Can only drink bottled water.
  2. In dubious institutions do not advise eat or drink.
  3. Vietnam. Colorful country
  4. It is desirable to focus less attention on the fact that man is a tourist.
  5. It is recommended to clarify the cost of possible excursions and what is specifically included in them.
  6. Bags should not be transferred on the shoulders, as they are easy to break.
  7. Unattended undesirable to leave things on the beach or in the hotel.
  8. Do not leave phones in a prominent place.
  9. Be sure to carefully monitor your own finances, their nominal and passing.
  10. As for the money, it is necessary to fully rely on cash.
    It is important to remember that attending this country is advised from spring to autumn, since then the weather becomes rather ambiguous and for tourism does not fit.

Recreation here can be very diverse and extreme depending on what the tourist wants. You can go to a simple Hiking excursion, climb small mountains or swim.

Beautiful views and excellent rest can be obtained in secluded Halong Bay or on hot springs. Thermal sources have a very invigorant effect, so if there is an opportunity, they must be visited.

If there is interest in the architecture, it is worth visiting the complex Tomb Khai Diny.

In addition, you can travel through the local river, which allows you to deeper to get acquainted with the life of local residents. There are no rare whole floating houses and villages that looks pretty interesting.

Some places in the country can be very dangerous because of the nature and local animals, so traveling or going to excursions is highly recommended under the guidance of an experienced guide from local.

As for shopping and souvenirs, different things are brought from here, which, fortunately, is not very expensive.

If the journey is well planned, and the tourist made all the important steps in advance, the visit of Vietnam will definitely like it.

Vietnam. Colorful country

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