Vietnam for 3 weeks: 5 route options

In our humble opinion, three weeks &# 8212; That is optimal &# 8212; The required period to plan a trip to any of the countries of Southeast Asia. Vietnam is no exception. For three weeks, you can visit many interesting places in Vietnam, see the beauty of the North, learn more about the story, traveling through the central part of Vietnam, to evaluate the south flavor and, of course, to relax by the sea.

Classic route vietnam

Classic travel route in Vietnam along the coast &# 8212; From the south to the north (from Ho Chi Minhina to Hanoi). This route is well balanced, it has adventure elements, and interesting cultural experience, and different pictures, and many beaches.

Three weeks &# 8212; Excellent period of leisurely traveling along the route with longer stops, for example, on the same beaches. On the route without problems you can travel at any time of the year.

With a backpack in Vietnam (two options)

Two options for the route (summer and winter) for those who love adventures and faint trails.

In the summer route &# 8212; Many Northern Vietnam (Alpine Sap, Katka Island), T.To. Spring &# 8212; summer &# 8212; Best time to visit this region. The route for 14-19 days is designed, it begins and ends in Hanoi, so the three-seater will be quite comfortable by rhythm. Those who do not sit still make sense to add a few days of rest in Nha Trang and either return to Hanoi internal airlines, or fly home from Nha Trang.

In the winter version &# 8212; more moves and more south of Vietnam. Planning a trip for the winter months, reduce the number &# 171; Beach&# 187; Days in Hoyan and increase on Fukuchok Island (Winter &# 8212; Height of the comfortable season on Fukok).

Vietnam for 3 weeks 5 route options

Beaches and Islands Vietnam

Very cool route for those who love sea beaches and active travel. In this route &# 8212; All the best beach regions Vietnam. In principle, on the route you can plan a trip at any time of the year, the only one should take into account seasonality in different regions on the route for the planned period (Place is planning, respectively, to regions with good weather).

Large trip along the coast of Vietnam

Advanced, more adventurous version of the classic route in Vietnam. In this embodiment, a higher pace of travel, more stops and remote places. The route can be laid in 20 days, but plus 3-4 days will give much more freedom and comfort on the route. Plan respectively.

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