Vietnam Tourist – a comfortable stay and vivid impressions

In Southeast Asia, on the border with China, Cambodia and Laos narrow strip in the Indochian Peninsula stretched out Vietnam. This is a country of majestic mountains, picturesque parks and natural reserves, where thousands of species of rare plants and animals are located. All the territory of Vietnam is located on the coast of the South China Sea.

The climate is divided into dry winter and wet summer. In the north of the country he is subtropical, here hot summer and cool winter. In the south, the temperature is constant, not having sharp oscillations. Air always gets warm to 26-28 degrees.

Sights of Vietnam

In the north of the country, the capital of Vietnam is located. Town Hanoi It has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Translated from Vietnamese – flying dragon. This is a symbol of the city. The myths and legends of the capital are connected with it. Hanoi is famous for picturesque parks and lakes, ancient monuments and old temples.

Special attention deserved Temples An Zyong Vyong and Kuan Thhan with unique sculptures, as well as an old tower cat ko. The largest Vietnam National Park begins outside the city. This is a real rainforest, evergreen jungle. In Hanoi is Mausoleum Ho Shi Min, Where to access visitors. He is like an architecture reminds Moscow, but more in size.

In Vietnam, many interesting places that attract the attention of tourists, but the most visited – Halong Bay, where they gathered in one landscape ensemble of 1600 islands of the most bizarre. On the mirror stroy of seawater are the islands of rocky and wooded with mysterious caves and exotic plants.


Vietnamese cuisine deserves special attention. Locals are powered only by natural products, without exposing their long-term heat treatment. Main nutrition – Rice and seafood. Here they can offer Exotic dishes: Roasted grasshoppers, bird nest soup, monkeys brains. In the cafe you can order soup from eel, pancakes from rice noodles and many other original dishes. Restaurants offer Asian and European dishes.

Accommodation and entertainment

Vietnam Tourist - a comfortable stay and vivid impressions

In Vietnam, a network of hotels located around the coast are developed. Here, any tourist may pick up housing for yourself. There are budget hotels, guest houses that do not require high costs. You can stay in a luxury hotel that meets the high requirements of comfort lovers and luxury.

Vietnamese love colorful spectacles and holidays. Here are held Festivals of various topics: fruit, floral, sea. It is interesting to get on Fireworks holiday. Among the entertainment are popular for riding on elephants, visiting a crocodile farm, diving, fishing and others.


Many souvenir shops and markets are scattered across the country. The most popular goods are Silk, crocodile leather products, jewelry, needlework items. In jewelry stores, you can find a lot of graceful products from gold, silver, inlaid by gemstone.

Vietnamese emphasized polite people. Always relate to foreign tourists. Can give a souvenir, or ask to take a picture with it to memory. Here each resting will feel warm and glad to local residents.

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