View from below, or the adventures of a little man in New York

Secondly, toy shops. Probably, this is my paradise. The largest stores of toys are on Times Square and at the beginning of the 5th Avenue. To get around each even I needed about 2 hours. Build figures from lego, play on a huge piano, show focuses, plunge into a basket with soft toys, half an hour choose which minion to buy, die kille and adults, whom the same number is here.

In Disney Store, the eyes are simply scattered – Avengers, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse and many other favorite heroes. And what are there Disney princesses. Rising from a 10-year-old child, like alive, they look at you, and you have one thought – how to fit it into the suitcase.

Third, Coney Island Entertainment Park. If the number of children increase in the metro car sharply, know, the train goes to the coastal area, where the most famous Amusement Park of New York is located. During my arrival, the most famous American cyclon slides. Small and low, without a dead loop, but scream and delight squeal is obligatory. For children there are many other attractions, and all for an acceptable price. In Gorky Park in Perm is sometimes more expensive.

The biggest waste await you most likely immediately after leaving the subway – a huge candy store. Dragee, marmalade, chocolate, marshmallow and many other goodies – even adult kilograms are purchased!

View from below, or the adventures of a little man in New York

But the most important thing is the zoo. I probably visited in the most famous for the Russian alignment of the zoo – Central Park Zoo. To my huge regret, neither Alex, nor Martin, nor Melman, nor Gloria live there. But there are loved by all penguins. As well as sea seals. I’m crazy lucky – I got at the time of feeding. And this is a whole representation, with games, balls, jumps and even kisses. Still, sea seals are unmatched cute creatures. Penguins fed immediately later – I saw the first time in my life so that the fish would be swallowed. Clumsy on earth, jumping into the water, they become beautiful and graceful. Still in the zoo there are tropical jungle, in which birds fly right next to you and even over – no cells and restrictions. Only bats for glass. In the mountains live snow leopards and red pandas. If you have not yet seen these cute animals – be sure to find. Very rare, but infinitely cute.

Generally, New York and Washington – Childe Fritty. In each restaurant you can find a children’s menu, practical all attractions offer entertainment for children – photos and souvenirs. Yes, and do not forget about yourself – I often imagined that I am a child, and this feeling was absolutely sincere.

View from below, or the adventures of a little man in New York

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