Village of Gemstones Julia

Ten kilometers from the Russian-Finnish border and about 30 kilometers south of Lappenranta is a small town of Yulämaa (Ylämaa). This place is called the area of ​​jewels, because it is here that the spectrolite is minted, one of the most beautiful gems. In the manufacture of the Alexander column on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg, a monolith was used, brought from local inhabamine. Granite columns of St. Isaac’s Cathedral were also carved here.

The collection of the local museum contains more than 4 thousand stones, minerals and fossils from different ends of the world. Some of them more than 500 million years. Information stands are talking about exposure in Russian. On the territory of Julia, there is a grinding factory, jewelry stores, as well as cafes and a hotel. Little visitors can spend time in fascinating search for treasures on a specially arranged playground.

Yuliama village takes guests only in the summer months. During June and July, the largest exhibition of precious stones in Finland is held here, where you can see and get jewelry from jewelers from around the world. Those who wish can visit thematic events: master classes, seminars and performances of jewelry masters.

Famous spectrolite from the village of Yuliamaa

Opening hours: from June to August from 10:00 to 17:00. Ticket price: free. Entrance to the adult museum – 2 €, for children – 1 €. Route: Bus from Lappenranta leaves from the center, the stop is near the railway station. The road takes about 40 minutes. Address: Jalokivikylä, 54410 Ylämaa, Finland www:

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Village of Gemstones Julia

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Village of Gemstones Julia

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