Visa Policy of America in matters and answers

– Mr. Consul, what is the basis of the US visa policy?

– Many people who appeal to American consular services, as if raised on the European approach to issuing visas. In European Consulates, the decisive circumstance is the presence of an invitation, in other words – sponsor, ready to vouch for the fragility and financial independence of their guest. We have an approach to issuing visas fundamentally different.

The United States from the very beginning was the country of immigrants. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, it is quite explained why every person coming to us we consider as a possible immigrant. I hope that there is nothing offensive for anyone.

Although, on the other hand, all this does not mean that in any person who applied for a non-immigrant visa, we see a potential violator of the law, which will arrive in the US, say, to visit, and then it will stay there to live in the position of illegal. We are not at all inclined to humiliate people with similar suspicions.

But you understand, we sincerely believe that America is a good place. And if there is even no intention, then the temptation there is very large there.

That’s why the invitation is for us – the thing although necessary, but not at all sufficient to obtain a visa. After all, it’s no secret that the invitation can be obtained by different ways, for example – to buy. Other It is important: if the applicant (the submitter of the request for a visa is issued) declares in the questionnaire, which is not going to immigrate, then his main task is to prove to us that this statement is true that there are factors that will certainly make him leave the United States and return home. For example – he has close relatives (children, parents), their own business, dear real estate and T. NS.

– For how reasons, people get a failure in a non-immigrant visa?

– In accordance with "Immigration and Citizenship Act" we have a few "Refusal" Articles.

The most common – 214-in. Those who could not submit a sufficient amount of information about themselves, to show the documents about their financial position, in short, he could not assure the consul that he would leave the United States home.

Of course, you can try to convince the consul only by conversations without giving any documents. But it is almost unreal, so all applicants about the visa are usually reserved in advance various certificates and extracts.

Refusal to Article 214-B is not the final refusal.

It happens that the applicant simply does not have the necessary documents on the hands, but it is ready to bring them, suppose, in two or three days. In this case, nothing prevents him from coming again.

But it happens that it does not exist in nature necessary for the necessary evidence – for example, a person does not work anywhere, does not study, does not have a family nor a permanent place of residence, and, it became, nothing in his native country holds. Then how many go, the result will be the same – the visas such an applicant will not receive. Until his position becomes more stable.

Second "refusal" Article – 221-J. It receives the refusal to those who have no documents officially necessary to obtain a visa and the components of the part, as we say appliques.

This mainly concerns applications for workers and student visas, visas for the participants of the cultural exchange programs and experience programs, visas of participants of vocational training programs and similar categories of applicants. To obtain these visas, in addition to passports, questionnaires and photos, you need to submit a number of official additional documents, and in each particular case -.

According to this article, the refusal is also temporary, or as we say, "administrative". As soon as all documents are collected, the applicant may apply to the consulate again.

The most serious reference article is 212-A. Here, the refusal is usually permanent.

Article 212-A includes several points. For example, paragraph 212-A2 – the fault of the person who served punishment in the fields of imprisonment. Although, of course, do not think that absolutely any "Sitted" Automatically deprived the possibility of entering our country.

Paragraphs 212-A1 and 212-A3, a visa failure receives those whose activities in the United States, according to our information, most likely will be illegal.

Paragraphs 212-A6 and 212-A7 serve as a basis for refusing to the applicants who tried to get a visa fraudulently using fake documents. And if it turns out the names and surnames of the people who helped them in this, then they will receive a refusal in an American visa. Constant.

– And how many Russians are in the United States illegally?

– Understand this question is not quite to the conslu. After all, our function is to issue a visa, that is, allow a person to enter the US or refuse a visa and, accordingly, in the right to enter. But how much time foreigner can be in the United States during this trip, we do not decide. This solves the immigration service inspector, verifying the arrived documents.

Usually foreigners receive permission to stay in the country for six months. And even when they declare that we arrived just 2-3 weeks, – just in case. However, the inspector has full right to reduce this period and give permission for only three months, for one month. Theoretically – even for one day; However, in practice it never happens.

During this period, staying in the country will be legal. But maybe, during your trip, something happened – let’s say, you fell in love and decided to stay for a longer period. Or you thought the thought of going to study. Or, God forbid, someone from your relatives fell ill, and you need to care for him. Then you have the right to contact the immigration service and either ask to change your status, that is, to provide you with an immigration or student visa, or apply for the extension of your non-immigrant visa. Both will be completely legal.

What concerns "illegal immigrants", then just two or three months ago there were articles in the American press, which caused data about their number. I do not remember exact numbers. I remember only that in the US a lot of illegal immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Poland. And from Russia – very little.

Main number "illegal Russians" – These are those who are obviously driving in the United States to work, but the visas at the same time arranged tourist: some dancers in nightclubs, baby sitters and so on. It is strange that people refuse to understand: we are fighting with "illegal" not only in our state interests, but also in the interests of these same illegal! Indeed, in such a situation, the state almost can not control the employer. Who knows what kind of family in which you came to work with baby sitter, which they want from you? To whom you complain if the host of the night club in which you work, do not comply with the terms of the contract or frankly robs you, paying the pennies? No one – you "illegal".

– What is the procedure for renewing a non-immigrant visa?

– Usually automatically and without any problems, the term is extended for another six months. But at the same time, will certainly have to be explained, for what reason you need to linger. And the reason should be convincing. If, suppose your daughter – the US citizen – a child was born and you need to stay with her for some time, then you, of course, will not refuse.

If you need to stay for an even longer time, you can again contact the immigration service and get extension for the next six months. Make it will be somewhat more complicated, but it is also possible.

Another thing is that when re-circulation immediately arises the question of the fortress of your connections abroad. After all, if you can stay in America for so long, then it means that you didn’t need to return home. Of course you will not blame you in the tricky deception upon receipt of a visa. But you will have to thoroughly explain why you first stated that you are going to stay on a visit for two weeks, and now you live in the country actually for a year and are going to live on.

By the way, you have to give such an explanation similar to the same kind of explanation to Russia, when you once again contact the Embassy for a visa. Often the consul as a result of communication with such an applicant says: "Your daughter lives in the USA. Last trip you stayed in America for more than a year, after the return they lived at the Motherland a month and now they are going to the United States again. Why do not you immigrate in this case?" This does not mean that the consul refuses to you in a non-immigrant visa and enter the US can only be able to enter the immigrant. He just gives you a good advice that you can take advantage.

– Do you think that prices for non-immigrant visas are 150 dollars for annual and 450 for three-year – normally?

– Visa rates (if you express exactly, then the size of consular fees) are established jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a country based on reciprocity. Therefore, the Russian side "Trading" visas by such rates, we must take the same amount for our visas.

Of course, we believe that visas prices are very high. We have repeatedly offered to reduce them, they were even offered to issue visas in general for free – with some countries we exist such agreements. For us "Visa" incomes are still not significant, there are more wruffs than money. But while Russia has not responded to our proposals.

Not satisfied with the result –

– And there is to complain about the refusal to issue a non-immigrant visa?

– There is. In case of refusal, the appellate can write a letter to the embassy with the presentation of its claims. You can send it in several ways: through the Embassy Reference Window, by mail, by fax, by e-mail (email), even through the Internet, where the embassy now has its own page.

(By the way, by visiting this page, you can learn a lot of useful information about the work of the US Embassy in Moscow and Consulates in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg, as well as about the work of the US foreign commercial service, which is of interest to Russian entrepreneurs. In addition, the Internet contains information "Washington File" – Daily updated reports of documents and press releases of the White House, State Department and the US Department of Defense, information on the programs of the educational and cultural exchange and activities of organizations that have branches at the US Embassy in Moscow – such as the United States Corps, NASA, Foreign Agricultural Service, Agency US International Development. – V. M.).

All letters with complaints are considering the Consul General with the head of the visa department. If the letter contains information that the consul was unknown at the time of decision-making, – or he knew it, but perhaps incorrectly interpreted, – the head of the visa department can invite a person to repeat interview. As a rule, there are very few such cases – 1-2 per day, no more. If the refusal to visa is recognized as reasonable, the appellate will receive a written response with an explanation of the reasons for the consul decision.

The system was as follows. Now a new Consul General comes to Russia, and I do not know how he, (more precisely – she: the new Consul – Woman) will build the work of the consular department. Maybe – just like, and maybe some changes will appear.

– Interestingly, over the past few years, the number of complaints about the work of the embassy decreased or increased?

– Mumped down. Remember, two or three years ago RUSSIAN PRESS PREDINE Claims to our embassy. True, they had some, to put it mildly, mistakes. For example, it was argued that the percentage of our failures in non-immigration visas – 40 – 50. This is not true: actually received a refusal to issue a visa no more than 20 percent of the number of applicants. So truly reasonable were except that complaints about the organization of work, the disadvantages in the very procedure for obtaining visas.

Since then, we have done a lot to improve this system. For example, created a whole department that only engaged in answers to citizens questions, opened the page on the Internet, began to meet with journalists more often. Yes, and long queues near our embassy now.

As for complaints about the decisions of the consuls – they were, there are, and, apparently, will always. But their number has become much smaller. Most likely, because now people have more than before, information about the work of the embassy, ​​about the system of obtaining American visas.

Consuls are the same judges

– How much affects the decision of the consul his personal impression of the Applicant? Is it important, for example, to please conslu, charm his?

– Of course, personal impressions play their role. "Human factor" In our work it is impossible to ignore – and in what work you can?

Here, suppose, in the courtroom, all those present hear the same testimony of witnesses, the plaintiff, the accused, protection and the prosecutor – but interprets something heard each in its own way! And in accordance with his personal perception of information makes his own "interior" verdict.

Consuls are actually the same judges, only working with another circle of persons – not with the accused, of course. And just as judges, they take their decision, based not only on bare facts, but also on personal impressions, if you want – on our own intuition.

Sometimes misunderstanding arises between the consul and the applicant. Something an consul misunderstood or the Applicant could not be intelligible to explain, as a result – a refusal. Nothing, you can come again and go for an interview to another consul, if you think that with this "did not work out".

And now that: despite some costs of interviewing system, it has serious advantages. After all, the applicant is talking not with some kind of clerk who knows nothing and is authorized only to report someone else’s opinion, not with a computer, which is generally deaf and him, but directly with the decision. And looking eyes into the eyes, it is always easier to explain and understand.

– And whether the consul is responsible for those who gives a visa? Let’s say, will ask him for the fact that the person who arrived in the United States at the US issued by him, a visa, began to deal with illegal activities?

– Well, what does it mean? After all, the consul, issuing a visa, is based on the information he has at the moment. And who can know what will happen next? As I already said, "human factor" Ignore never happens.

Of course, we all know that such cases that you ask are happening. But if the consul did everything right, he spent all the necessary checks of the Applicant, then no one blames him and will not call any responsibility. Rather, what happened will be considered as a lesson – not only this particular consul, but also to all of us.

– Curious to know who they can trust individually make such important decisions? What kind of people consuls? Who take on this job, as the selection of candidates?

– The procedure for admission to consular work is almost the same as in general when admission for diplomatic work.

Usually every year the US State Department spends exams in which anyone can participate. Exams consist of two stages. The first is the so-called general education. In America, it is also called "psychometria". On it, applicants hand over several disciplines – culturalology, sociology, psychology, linguistics and t. NS. Second phase – "Business games". Examinations are put in various modified situations, and their task is to find the best way out.

Applicants who have successfully surrendered exams and spent a special check "For fragility", Start attending a special class in which six months. And then they are entered into the State Department list and begin to look for them. Waiting for work sometimes takes up to one and a half years. Now the list includes such a number of people that the State Department even temporarily stopped conducting exams: jobs in embassies are much smaller than those who wish to take.

Immigration from Russia –

Compliment for America

– How would you rate today "Immigration contingent" From Russia? Have any fundamental changes over the past few years have occurred in its composition?

– How your readers probably know, there are several categories of immigration. First and most numerous – family. It includes those who move to the US to relatives. For Russia, this is usually people who are married to US citizens, or – less often – children, parents and other relatives of those who already have American citizenship. There are no fundamental changes in this category, yes, probably, and can not be.

As for the so-called "workers" immigrants, then nothing has changed significantly. With the exception, perhaps, the emergence of immigrants is relatively new for Russia category E-1 – "manager of an international firm". These are usually experts, 3-4 years ago who came from Russia to America on non-immigration visas, successfully operating as managers and now decided to stay in the United States and continue their careers.

The category of immigrants from Russia for the Green Card Lottery – those who won the American immigration visa to the lottery annually in the United States – both before and now constitute in the overwhelming majority of highly qualified professionals. After all, the only requirement imposed by the authorities to such immigrants is the so-called "Academic qualifications". That is, the level of their education should be no lower than the average. But with ordinary Russian "certificate of maturity" In the US, few people come, mainly with diplomas about higher education or with degree scientists.

There is also, of course, the refugee category. But it is difficult for me to speak: information about what today’s refugees from Russia are immigration, and not consular services.

So we can say that no special changes in the contingent of Russian immigrants did not happen.

– And your personal impression of Russians going to immigrate in the US?

– I am always interested in talking to people, especially with those who won an immigration visa to the Green Card lottery. I’m not afraid to repeat that it is usually specialists with a very high cultural and educational level. And in the conversation it is quite often it turns out that a year ago they were not going to leave anywhere, just did not have such an opportunity. But they heard a lot about America and know that there is good. And now I won Green Card and decided to try. It sounds like a compliment to my country.

– How much is common "Business Immigration" from Russia in the US?

– The program of business and was adopted by the American Congress a few years ago. According to the law, the business immigrant must invest $ 1 in the economy.000.000. Or $ 500.000, if we are talking about disadvantaged areas with high unemployment areas from an economic point of view. And thanks to these investments at least 10 Americans should get a job.

From Russia business immigrants in the US comes little. Well, maybe 1-2 people per year. This is extremely nemass, "piece" Form Immigration.

– What do you think should not be included in the list of people receiving refugee status, the so-called "Ecological refugees" – Russians living in environmental disasters?

– Of course, we can talk about many dangers that people are subjected in their native country – social, cultural – and environmental, too. As far as I know, now among people who receive refugee status, "Ecological refugees" No.

But, you know, in principle in America, such issues may be solved in a legitimate manner, within the framework of existing procedures. The person already located in the United States has the right to submit a statement in the immigration service that he cannot return to his country if he considers returning to himself and is ready to explain – why. He can submit the same statement to the High Commission for Refugees in the UN, which solves these issues at the international level.

Visa Policy of America in matters and answers

As far as I know, in relation to Russia, there were no such cases yet. But if at least one Russian on "Environmental" The foundation will receive a refugee status, a precedent will be created. And the precedent will give reason to seriously think about the problem you raised.

Lottery Green Card –

game for "White" and "Black"

– Why Need the United States Lottery Green Card?

– Why is this a good question. The answer to it lies in response to another question: "What is a society in the USA? Like us, Americans think – who we are that we?"

USA, as I said, are based on immigration from different world regions. A hundred years ago, no immigration programs existed in America. Everyone who wanted to live in the United States just came and remained.

But then several laws were adopted, and immigration began to be carried out on the quota system. Preference was then given to immigrants from Europe – the European quota several times higher than the quotas of all other regions.

And about the 60s, the government came to the conclusion that such a system is not too good. Well, it is impossible, in fact, to raise the question: we must receive annually, say, 30.000 immigrants from France, 10.000 – from Germany and at the same time almost completely ignore immigrants from Africa, Asia or Latin America, which are simply objectively more than the French and Germans. And then in the United States switched to the so-called "Roof system".

This meant that everyone who had to come to America "roof" – Guaranteed work or already living in the USA. Well, with work, probably, has always been difficult. And here "nepotism" Gradually led to the fact that immigration from Europe almost completely ceased, and the immigration from countries began with a complete move, – that is, just from Asia, Africa and Latin America. By the way, a huge number of immigrants arrived in the USA with the Philippines.

Approximately 20 years later, this peculiar breakdown became very noticeable. In fact, it turned out that the system "roofs" also became the quota system, only with a direct opposite regional sign.

But we were interested in immigrants from all countries. Therefore, they began to think how to change the existing position. That’s the idea of ​​the lottery.

Every year the US government decides which countries the smallest flow of immigrants give, and offers citizens of these countries to take part in the lottery. And the charm of the lottery is that a person can legally come to America without having a job in advance or a family. Thus, the United States decide the issue of attracting immigrants from around the world.

– You are probably familiar with the opinion that the lottery is a way to make the US population more "White".

– I think it’s not. Lottery Green Card does not look at the skin color. The main thing in the definition of the member country is how the number of immigrants it gives America annually. Not only take part in the lottery "White" countries, but also a huge number, say, African states. And every year this list is adjusted – again based on how many immigrants from a particular country already live in the US.

In addition, in America, in addition to the Lottery Green Card, there are a lot of other immigration programs that are often associated with "Nechel" Countries. For example, when I worked in India, we implemented the program of immigration in the United States of several thousand Tibetans. And such examples can be given a lot.

– And yet – whether the US cultural physiognomy will change in the future, in particular – due to a powerful immigration flow from "Nechels" countries?

– This is now much speculating. Including express an opinion about the change of American "Colors of skin" and about the sad consequences of such a change.

It is difficult for me to say how will. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future even with a separate person, and so what happens to the whole state – especially.

Of course, America will become more "Multicolor" and multicultural. But now it is impossible to say that ethnic categories are committed in the United States. It seems to me that much more important for the United States is not a skin color, not ethnicity, but ideology. The son of the immigrant is already a native American, and where his parents came from – not so much essential. It is important that laws are equally applied to all equally and everyone equally has rights to.

Yes, maybe the US culture is the twenty-first century and there will be another. But she will still be American. After all, again: now the US culture is not European, not South American and not African. America absorbed all cultures, digested them and created her own. And how it will change – let’s see.

Per "Lipon" You can not only

pay, but also pay

– Is it possible to talk about the large-scale development of Russian tourism in the US?

– Every year we get about 115.000 applications for non-immigrant visas. About 80 – 85% of the past we satisfy. And the overwhelming majority of visas issued by us are visas of categories B-1 (business) and B-2 (tourist). However, calculate how many people comes annually in the United States as tourists, it is quite difficult, because we are known to change our rules for issuing visas.

Previously, we gave out only one-time visas – that is, allowing one trip. Now many citizens of Russia have multiple visas, whose validity period is three years. Information about how many times during these three years a person took advantage of the opportunity to come to the USA, we do not have.

– Some Russian travel agencies advertise themselves as firms accredited under the US embassy, ​​and therefore having the right to make visas to their customers without interview. How true to their approval?

– "Accreditation" – not a completely faithful term. In fact, those travel agencies that are constantly working with us have registration at the embassy.

These travel agencies provide us with all the necessary and fully information about our customers, so in most cases the issue of issuing visas can be resolved without interview.

But declare that they guarantee their customers the issuance of American visas without interview – a big liberty on their part. Because the final decision takes the consul – a person how you yourself understand, from the company independent. And if the consul believes that the applicant must come to the interview – it means that you will have to come that he would have promised travel agencies.

For example, a person, once who has already received a refusal of a visa, is unlikely to be able to arrange it without interview. Even if it resorts to the help of a registered travel agency.

In addition, there are firms that offer assistance in the design of American visas and do not have registration in our embassy. This means that they can, for example, send their employee and put it in line. The same employee, just as a courier, can pass the documents and tell everything about the applicant so that the consul can decide – this person needs to come to the interview or not. In general, I can report that about 30% of all applicants receive a visa without interview, and it is not so important who exactly brought documents to the embassy – they themselves, their friends or employees of some firm.

But, unfortunately, there are such travel agencies that under the guise of helping their customers are engaged in a frank deception. For example, offer clients to buy "Lipova" invitations. It is very dangerous for travel agency. If such a forgement is found, the travel agency as a result can seriously suffer and can even be closed. What happened, for example, with travel agency "Farm".

But it is even more dangerous for the applicate itself. Because he for his own money risks simply to get a permanent refusal in an American visa – for using false documents.

– And it did not occur to you that some tourist agencies can simply be a blobe in the embassy – their own, "Bought" Officials?

– I don’t know cases, although rumors go constantly: they say, in the American embassy sell visas. For all the time I work in Russia, like, let’s say, the versions were not confirmed by any time. But not yet specific information, you can not blame someone.

To get information about the work of the Consular Department of the US Embassy in Moscow, as well as send written claims at the following addresses and phones:

Information Service of the US Embassy in Moscow: (095) 255 9555, from 14.00 to 16.00;

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