Visa Tips B1

B1 — Business visa. Accordingly, on the question "Why go?" We must say . right, "Business". Main Point: "Food for their own (_rysriysk_)." In order to avoid "Lipsky" questions, we must decide in advance for the purpose of traveling, financial part and personal factor.

Used to love very much when drove "For negotiations" for procurement or joint projects. If you answer "I will make a joint project there with them", then they can wrap like from the gun — you "there", that is, in America, should not do. You are going from the interests of the _ryshis_ company, and not work there. Second option: "Mean with their product", for example, "In order to buy for its own (_rysriysk_)". And sun in this spirit.

Financial Side: Who pays? We can say that the receiving party pays for travel and hotel (must be mentioned in the invitation). HE more. Hickto nothing to you there is paying_. You take your own (personal, Russian office) money. Have questions "who are flying? Show tickets? Which hotel will stop?" it is necessary to say cheerfully that while the visa has not received such things to work out. And most likely not with you — In your solid company for this, there is its own bureaucracy. A good impression was made by paper from state organizations and scientific institutions — You work there and go on a business trip. Refract on urgency hardly worth it – there will be more pleasure to refuse. 🙂

Personal side. Dress _Realous_. Better even when you look like a businessman or high-paying tech. Previously, an officially looking certificate from the place of work was helped about the fact that you are an employee of this solid company in a decent position and with an unobtrusive indication of your (huge) salary. Say $ 500- $ 1000 per month. You can show your solid looking visiting card. Helps to say that your wife and children stay and will wait you. And remember between the case that they keep back to return because (options: the wife is about to give birth, the plan is burning, you need to go to another business trip to another country and so on).

Favorite question was: "How do you like America?". Favorite answer: "Gorge, but it is a pity that there are not talking in Russian." :-)))

Main idea — solidity in the aircraft. Lawnity. In America will not stay! Proof of your roots in Russia and desire / need to return. Respect and to Russia and to America. Business suit. The consistency of the entire conversation — the contradictions cannot be allowed. Type commercial director of the tent goes to negotiate nuclear reactors. Or the head of the department receiving a lot looks like a bum. Etc.

Try something from this song.

Visa Tips B1

Yes, even. Preparing what you will talk. Think what other paper will be required to evict individual aspects of the developed topic. Take them. Immediately, everything is better not to ship. Try to feel when they help. A letter of invitation from an American company (the fax is usually suitable) indicating travel reasons (if they will pay for travel and accommodation, and you is going to talk, they need is also noted in the letter), a certificate of employment indicating the position and, perhaps, salary, passport should show immediately. Lists you ready, that they are an American company call and check — is. About calls to Russian companies, I do not know, but probably can also tinkle and check if they have any such employee.

English do not need to shine. If not bleschesh — tell me that they have a knowledgeable employee of the Russian language, which you will have to translate (subtext: respectively, and fear that you stay there you should not). Or on the contrary say that you have chosen for the trip, because you’re better than all speak English — it depends on your knowledge of the language (subtext: and accordingly I went though and look undignified, not my boss, who in languages ​​not boom-boom ).

In general, I think his head.

PS: I am not a lawyer, I do not refer to, I advise you to not give, bla-bla-bla.

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