Visa to Afghanistan

If the tourist from Russia has planned a trip to Afghanistan, he needs to receive a visa to Afghanistan. We will specify that the visa to Afghanistan is carried out at the Embassy of Afghanistan, which works in Moscow (in his consular department), as well as in other embassies of this country in Russia.

Documents for a visa to Afghanistan:

To get a visa to Afghanistan, carefully read the list of documents below, and carefully form a package of documents for a visa to Afghanistan.

So you will need:

  1. International passport. The term of the document certifying the identity of the tourist must be at least 6 months from the end of the extreme travel tourist.
  2. Be sure to remove the copy from the first page of the overseas passport, which contains information about the tourist.
  3. To obtain a visa to Afghanistan, take two photos. Requirements for the photo visa to Afghanistan: Photo Size – 3 for 4 cm. The photo can be both color and black and white.
  4. Carefully read all the items and accurately fill in the form for a visa to Afghanistan, which you can download on the Internet and print, signed by signing. We draw the attention of tourists that a questionnaire for a visa to Afghanistan should be filling out on Farsi or in English.
  5. To obtain an Afghan visa to tourists from Russia, it is necessary to receive an invitation that must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kabul. Note that it is the Foreign Ministry to assign this invitation to a visa to Afghanistan individual number. Invitation should be sent to the consular department of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow by fax. We also add that the acquisition of the host parties to inform the applicant’s tourist individual number of his invitation to Afghanistan. Number should be made to the questionnaire. It should be clarified that the invitation to Afghanistan can wear both a private nature (for example, a relative or friend’s visit to Afghanistan can be invited to a trip to Afghanistan (if you were sent to a business trip to Afghanistan). In the invitation, it is necessary to clarify, for what purpose it is sent to the tourist.
  6. Prepare a letter in which to set out the entire route of the scheduled trip to Afghanistan. This document should also be in English or on Farsi. Clarify that in this letter, the tourist should be indicated for what purpose he goes on a trip to Afghanistan.
  7. If a minor tourist goes to Afghanistan, accompanied by one of the parents or at all with third parties, to obtain a visa to Afghanistan should be made a power of attorney from one of the parents (or from both) to depart the child in Afghanistan. We will specify that the personal signatures of the parents of a minor tourist must be present on this document. Also a power of attorney to depart the child in Afghanistan should be assured by the notary. Also, do not forget about the child’s birth certificate for receiving a visa to Afghanistan: it should be attached to the document package. And this is not all: to commit a minor tourist a trip to Afghanistan need copies of passports of his parents or guardians in the absence of blood parents.
  8. If you are going to a business trip to Afghanistan, be sure to attach to the package of documents for a visa to Afghanistan, which will give you your employer. This document should indicate the position of tourist, the name and details of the company in which it works, as well as the experience of his work in the organization and purpose of the trip to Afghanistan.
  9. As an optional, but desirable measure, we recommend tourists who have planned a trip to Afghanistan, acquire medical insurance, which will be valid throughout the traveler stay in Afghanistan.

Types of visa to Afghanistan:

Visa to Afghanistan - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Afghanistan Travel Guide

Tourists from Russia are provided with a single visa to Afghanistan. Duration of this visa – 30 days (1 month). Note that the consulate of Afghanistan does not provide travelers a multiple visa to Afghanistan. However, tourists can send a request for multiple entrance to the country in Afghanistan. If the traveler’s request is satisfied, a single visa to Afghanistan can be reissued to multiple. This procedure is carried out in Kabul.

System for obtaining a visa to Afghanistan:

Tourist can personally submit documents to the consular department of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow.

Address of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow:

  • Pirovskaya Street, House 42. Phone Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow: 8 495 690 01 46. Official website of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow: http: // www.Afghanembassy.RU / .
  • Documents for a visa to Afghanistan are accepted on weekdays from 10 am to 14 pm. All additional information about the package of documents and appeal to the visa to Afghanistan are available at: 8 495 690 38 94 (Consular Division).

Visa timing to Afghanistan:

Documents for a visa to Afghanistan are treated within 1-7 days (excluding weekends).

Visa cost in Afghanistan6

Visa to Afghanistan will cost tourists of 30 dollars – It is so much a consular fee for a visa to Afghanistan. We clarify that tourists can qualify for an urgent visa to Afghanistan – In this case, the traveler will be able to receive a visa on the day of submission of documents, however, the size of the consular fee for a visa to Afghanistan will increase exactly twice and amount to 60 dollars. The same amount is a multiple visa to Afghanistan, whose validity period – 60 days (2 months).

How to extend a visa to Afghanistan:

If you decide to stay in Afghanistan, you need to extend your visa for this. This is carried out in the country itself. If you do not extend the visa to Afghanistan on time, you will be required to pay a fine of 2 dollars per day until your visa in Afghanistan is overdue. Also note that during the second month of delay in the visa to Afghanistan, the cost of every day of age and will be already 5 dollars. But if you completely tighten the procedure for extending a visa to Afghanistan, you are simply deported from the country.

Clarifications for tourists:

We draw the attention of tourists that in Afghanistan there are quite stringent rules related to photos and video filming. Thus, the tourist can take pictures and shoot videos in Afghanistan solely receiving a special resolution in the Ministry of Culture and Information of Afghanistan, in particular, in the tourism department of this organization.

Tourists can be imported into Afghanistan an unlimited amount of foreign currency, but all it should be declared. But to export from Afghanistan travelers can not more than 500 Afghani.

Possible duty-free import into Afghanistan tobacco and alcohol (in size sufficient for personal use!), perfume.

It is strictly forbidden to import the following types of goods to Afghanistan: drugs, pornographic films, as well as materials offensive for the state system of Afghanistan. From Afghanistan It is forbidden to export antiques, fur products, carpets. Also be careful with decorative-fishing products: they can be exported from Afghanistan only if there is an export license that the seller is obliged to.

If you are going to bring a pet to Afghanistan, you need to provide a veterinary certificate at customs, which is issued on international standards.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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