Visa in Colombia

Planning a trip to Colombia, keep in mind that if you are not going to spend more than 90 days in the country, you will not need a visa to Colombia. But if the stay in Colombia is higher, take care of the design of a visa to Colombia at the embassy of Colombia. This organization is located in Moscow.

Address of the Columbia Embassy in Moscow: Burdenko Street, House 20. Telephone Columbia Embassy in Moscow: 8-499-248-34-17; 8-499-248-30-73.

Visiting Colombia without a visa

With a visa-free visit to Colombia upon arrival in the country, tourists must be presented on the border the following documents:

  • Acting passport. We clarify for travelers that the term of the passport must be at least three months from the moment of crossing the border of Colombia.
  • Return ticket.
  • Document indicating the presence of a sufficient amount of funds to cover the tourist.
  • The document confirming your Columbia reservation (this requirement is not strictly, but the hotel in Colombia is still better to book in advance).
Visa to Colombia - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Colombia Travel Guide

Visa Registration in Colombia

In case your journey stretches more than 90 days, you need to take care of obtaining a visa to Colombia. To do this, you need to form a package of documents and submit it to the Columbia Embassy.

For obtaining a visa to Colombia, the following documents will be required:

  • International passport. We draw the attention of travelers that the term of passport must exceed 3 months from the date of submission of documents for a visa to Colombia. Moreover, make sure that the passport is at least 3 clean pages on which the visa in Colombia will be.
  • To obtain a visa to Colombia, you need to make a photocopy from the first page of the passport with information about the tourist (2 pcs.).
  • Also for obtaining a visa to Colombia should make photocopies of all pages of passports with information. In addition, you need to transfer all completed passport pages. But the translation of the notary is not necessary.
  • If you wish to get a visa to Colombia, prepare a document confirming the availability of you enough money to make a tour to Colombia. This may be an extract from the bank account.
  • To obtain a visa to Colombia, prepare confirmation of the hotel’s hotel in Colombia. You also use the invitation to Colombia.
  • If you wish to get a visa to Colombia, a tourist should be attached to the document package, a copy of the air ticket to Colombia and back.
  • To obtain a visa to Colombia, you must fill out the questionnaire (provide 2 copies of the questionnaire to the embassy!) Tourist is obliged to personally sign a filled questionnaire.
  • If you wish to get a visa to Colombia, attach to the package of documents 3 photos. Requirements for the photo for a visa in Colombia: Size photo – 3×3 cm. There are no corners. There is no oval. Background light.
  • For tourists under the age of 18 years, traveling to Colombia, accompanied by one of the parents or third parties: must be attached to the package of documents for a visa in Colombia permission to depart the child to the country, signed by the parent remaining in Russia and certified by the notary. If the young tourist travels with third parties, departure permission to Colombia signs both parents.

Visa Degree in Colombia

Columbia Embassy draws up a visa at least 3 days, maximum for 10 days.

Visa Costs in Colombia

Consular fee for a visa in Colombia is $ 17 for tourists from Russia. This amount is paid in dollars during receiving a passport with a decorated visa in Colombia.

note! If you are going to spend more than two months in Colombia, you need to pay the airport collection, which is $ 19. The amount is paid in cash in dollars. Clarify that transit tourists who leave Colombia on the day of arrival, the airport fee is not paid.

This is useful to know. Tickets for international flights that tourist can purchase in Colombia are taxed. The amount of tax is 15%.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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