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One of the undoubted advantages that Egypt offers Russian citizens is to get a visa on arrival in the country. Do not worry about getting a visa in advance, but you can just buy a ticket today and tomorrow to be in sunny Hurghada!

Getting a visa at Hurghada Airport:
As soon as the plane land in Hurghada and you will find yourself in the airport building, you need to get a guide meeting a firm to get a migration card. Migration card is issued for you free. Then you need to buy a visa, the value of which is $ 25 US dollars. So that you do not spend an extra time, try to prepare an amount equal to the value of a visa without passing. Having received a visa on the hands, it should be pasted on a free passport page.

Before you go to passport control, you need to fill the migration card with printed letters in English. The following information is entered into the migration card:

– Date of birth and place of birth

– The address of your location in Egypt (or the name of the hotel, or the address you will live in the event that you have real estate in Hurghada, or you are planning to stay with friends)

– The purpose of arrival in Egypt. Specify – tourist.

– If children are traveling with you who are inscribed in your passport, you need to enter their names into your migration card

On passport control you will be taken from the completed migration card, and put a stamp with the date of arrival in Egypt. Visa received at the airport is valid for 30 days. Here are all visa treatments at Hurghada Airport! Welcome to the hospitable Egyptian land!

Extension of a visa in Gauzet (passport control service):

In the event that you decide to extend for yourself the timing of stay in Egypt and decided to stay here more than 30 days, we recommend that you contact the gauzet, and extend the visa.

Despite the fact that Egypt’s migration services relate to condescendingly to expired visas from foreign citizens and, flying out of Egypt, you can "touch" Payment for an overdue visa in size from 150 to 200 pounds. We recommend that you not ************** the patience of all-imaging migration control officers and in advance to take care of the proliferation of a visa in advance by contacting Gauzet.

Gauset Opening hours: from 08 am to 12 pm. When you need to have the following documents:

– Original passport + copy of the first page of the passport + copy of the visa

– 2 color photos, size 3×4

Visa to Egypt - Cairhurghada, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Cairo Hurghada on the turmon

– Payment in the amount of 50 pounds for the design procedure

– If you live in a private apartment, and not at the hotel, you can request a copy of the lease agreement

– On the spot you fill out the questionnaire in English, which Gauzeta employees give you.

Having accepted your documents into processing, the stamp will be put in your passport that the documents for the extension of the visa are adopted for consideration. After 2 weeks, your visa will be ready and your gauset employees will be posted. The visa can be provided for a period of 1 to 6 months.

In any case, foreign citizens may be located on the territory of Egypt on tourist purposes not more than 6 months.

Real estate owners in Hurghada, worth less than 50,000 dollars, are not eligible to receive a resident visa. Resident visa receive foreign citizens who registered marriage with the citizens of Egypt.

We hope that all of the above information will be useful for you. We are waiting for you in Hurghada!

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