Visa to England – collect documents

An independent receipt of a visa to England is a difficult process, but if you know all the subtleties and nuances of collecting and preparing documents, this process will pass quite quickly and simply. Preparation of documents can be conditionally divided into several stages.

1. Photo preparation. The number of photos is one that is done for a period of no more than six months. Should clearly see the face that looks into the chamber.

2. Filling out the application. In English, the electronic questionnaire is filled. If you still do not have time, you can save changes and continue later. There are services that will help in detail and qualitatively fill out a questionnaire. Further, in the same stage, it is necessary to go through the registration process of the visa center of Britain to track the status of the statement and do not encounter "pitfalls".

3. Collection of documents. All documents that are accompanying must be translated. The official website of the embassy presents the necessary documents (passport, photo, printed questionnaire, revenue confirmation, certificate from the employer, a copy of the employment record, confirmation of the family position and so on).

4. If you go to visit, then visa to England and getting it requires an invitation letter from the person who invites you. The invitation should contain a degree of relations, and also explain why the visit is exactly this. Presumably there should be a stop location, the purpose of the visit.

5. Sponsored letter. It should contain information about the sponsor, which took responsibility for paying the trip. This includes the size of wages, the generation of activity and so on.

Visa to England - collect documents

7. If you are not visiting guests, but on a tour, then you need to provide hotel booking. It is advisable to attach purchased in advance flights.

eight. If there is an insurance policy, you can attach it.

nine. Next, the fees should be paid and all necessary contributions to certify the visa.

So, the independent design of a visa to England at the ownership of the subtleties is quite simple. As a rule, questionnaires are considered for a period of up to 10 days, this statement is taken from the experience of many people who made a visa. All submitted visa documents are prepared and fill in an individual order, and the time of their consideration may vary and vary, it all depends on specific circumstances.

Visa to England - collect documents

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