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Russian tourists for visiting Germany need a Schengen visa, because Germany – Country as part of the Schengen Treaty.

Types of visas to Germany:

Tourists can receive a visa to Germany in two types: Schengen or national German term of such visas are different: on a Schengen visa stay in Germany is possible up to 90 days in 6 months, according to the national – only for 3 months. However, it is possible to extend.

Also note that the Schengen visa is valid in all countries of the Schengen space, and the National Visa gives the tourist right exclusively to visit Germany.

Wishers to visit Germany can seek tourist or transit visa to Germany, as well as for guest, business, working, student, and. The list of documents for a visa to Germany varies depending on the selected type of visa.

Embassy of Germany in Russia has the right to refuse a tourist in obtaining a visa to Germany, while not revealing the reasons for its decision.

Visa timing to Germany. Visa cost to Germany:

The term of making a tourist visa to Germany – 5 working days. Cost of a tourist visa to Germany – 35 Euro. The same applies to a transit visa to Germany.

Children under 6 receive a visa to Germany for free.

Note that it is possible to obtain an express visa to Germany for 3, a maximum of 4 days. The cost of express visa is twice as high – For her, the tourist will have to pay 70 euros.

The cost of a visa to Germany for tourists from other states is 60 euros.

National visa to Germany for tourists who have reached adulthood costs 60 euros, and for those who have not yet reached 18 years – 30 Euro.

Documents for a tourist visa to Germany:

To obtain a tourist visa to Germany, the tourist should prepare the following necessary documents:

  1. Visa profile, which is necessary to download from the German Embassy site, fill in German or Russian, print and submitted to sign. FULL NAME In the questionnate is written exclusively by Latin letters!
  2. Passport, in which there must be 2 pure pages for a visa to Germany. The term of the passport of the tourist should be at least three months at the time of the end of the trip.
  3. Remove copies from your passport from your photo and personal data.
  4. If available, you need to provide an old passport with a complete validity period.
  5. The internal Russian tourist passport from which to remove copies of all pages with information in advance.
  6. Medical Insurance of International Type. Note that the amount of insurance coverage to obtain a visa to Germany should be at least 30 thousand euros. Medical insurance should be distributed for the entire tenure stay in Germany and cover all Schengen countries. Also, the tourist should be acquired by copy of insurance.
  7. Certificate of marriage and his copy.
  8. Visa to Germany - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Germany Travel Guide
  9. Hotel reservation in Germany (its confirmation).
  10. Certificate of cash with a tourist. It can be a copy of the bank card, a certificate from the currency exchange point, an extract on a bank account of tourist, securities and other documents confirming your solvency. If funds for a trip to Germany are not enough, the tourist should provide a sponsorship application for all tourist spending on themselves.
  11. Take at work a certificate on the branded form of your company. Your position must be specified in the document, monthly salary, date of work admission. Tourists-students are obliged to provide a certificate from the university.
  12. Flights to Germany and their copies. Also, for obtaining a visa to Germany, confirmation of the receptions, if there are no hands on your hands yet.
  13. Photos for a visa to Germany. Photo Requirements: 35×45 mm size, color photography, lack of corners and oval, light background. On the site of the embassy, ​​you can use a convenient template for checking photos.

Additional documents for obtaining a visa to Germany for individual categories of tourists:

  • Tourists retirees should prepare a pension certificate and its copy, as well as sponsorship.
  • Tourists-students and school students are obliged to prepare a certificate from school or university, a photocopy of a student, a certificate of the sponsor.

Children who travel to Germany without maintaining parents, will require permission from mom and dad to leave, certified by the notary. Also prepare a copy of the birth certificate of a minor tourist. Please note that documents must be translated into English or German.

In the event of a visit to the exhibition in Germany, a business tour will need a certificate from work in which it is necessary to indicate what the work of its company, as well as a document confirming the business trip.

Visa to Germany:

Visa to Germany tourists can get both through the tour company and independently. Note that by contacting a travel agency, the tourist can significantly reduce the time of visa to Germany.

For visa to Germany through travel agency Tourist, in addition to the above documents, it is necessary to provide a statement that all the information about the tourist is genuine, as well as a copy of the property document (that is, the property) of the tourist. Among other things, the traveler is obliged to provide travel agency consent to the processing of its personal data.

In case of submission of documents for a visa to Germany, a visa will prepare within 10 working days (the exception is Friday).

If you are going to submit documents to a visa to Germany yourself, prepare the above documents, as well as: confirmation of the hotel’s hotel in Germany, as well as confirmation that the hotel in Germany has been paid by you. Attention ! For a visa to Germany, an original or fax copy of this confirmation is required, and not a printout from the Internet!

If your visit to Germany is private, prepare an invitation from a German citizen, decorated in the official form of departments for foreign citizens.

Also tourists will need the original and a copy of the medical policy and a detailed description of the planned travel in Germany (daily route).

In case of self-submission of documents for a visa to Germany, it will be ready after 4-5 business days.

The process of filing documents for a visa to Germany:

Registration of a visa to Germany is carried out at the Embassy in Moscow or at the Consulate of Germany in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg or Kaliningrad.

Also submit documents for a visa to Germany. Tourists can visa centers in Moscow and other cities. Visa Center services will cost a tourist at 980 rubles.

The visa center of Germany in Moscow is at the address: ul. Shabolovka, D. 31, p. 5. Phone center: (499) 681 13 65, (499) 426 03 25. Receive tourists by post. Documents are accepted from 08:30 – 17:00 on working days.

German Embassy in Moscow is located on Mosfilmovskaya Street, house 56. Telephone Embassy of Germany: (495) 937 95 00. Before submitting documents for a visa to Germany, the tourist needs to call and sign up for an interview.

Also tourists can be used by the consular department of the German Embassy in Moscow. His address: Leninsky Prospekt, 95a. Telephone: (495) 933 43 12.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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