Visa to Kuwait

If you planned a trip to Kuwait, take care of the receipt of a visa. Visa to Kuwait is issued to tourists from Russia at the Kuwait Embassy, ​​which works in Moscow.

Types of visas in Kuwait

Tourists can qualify for visas in Kuwait of the following types: short-term visa (it is called «WITH»), National visa to Kuwait (D), transit visa to Kuwait (A and B). Tourists should submit documents for a visa with.

Recommendation for tourists. Direct flights from Russia to Kuwait are missing, so it is safe to design a visa in advance in the embassy.

Visa registration in Kuwait in the embassy

To get a visa to Kuwait, the tourist needs to form a package of documents, which is then served in the Kuwait Embassy in Moscow. Carefully read the list of documents required for obtaining a visa to Kuwait.

  • Acting passport.
  • To obtain a visa to Kuwait, you must attach to the document package 1 photo of the tourist. Requirements for the photo for a visa to Kuwait: a photo can be both color and black and white; Size photo for a visa to Kuwait – 3×4 cm.
  • If you are applying for a visa to Kuwait, you need to attach an invitation set by the receiving party in Kuwait (original document!) We draw the attention of tourists that if you are heading for a tourist trip, the invitation to Kuwait sends the Kuwait Hotel.
  • When applying for a visa to Kuwait, tourists need to fill out a questionnaire. Moreover, a special liner is made in the passport of travelers, which indicates all personal data of the tourist. The liner is compiled in English. This is a very important document – His tourist has to be presented on the border of Kuwait.
Visa to Kuwait - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Kuwait Travel Guide

Dates of registration of a visa in Kuwait

As a rule, the visa in Kuwait is not done very long – Only 1 day. It is noteworthy that if the tourist has an invitation to Kuwait, a visa is simple directly on the day of circulation. Visa to Kuwait is valid for 90 days.

Visa cost in Kuwait

Consular fee for a visa to Kuwait today is 2 thousand rubles.

Visa registration in Kuwait on arrival

Visa to Kuwait Tourists can get on arrival at the airport provided that they are not going to stay in the country more than 30 days. To obtain a visa to Kuwait, the following documents are needed by arrival:

  • Acting passport.
  • Invitation from the tour operator from Kuwait (Original document is required!)
  • Payment of visa collection of $ 20.
  • To secure, it is better to cook a ticket (in Kuwait and back) – He can also come in handy.
  • In addition, you may need a document confirming the tourist sufficient to commit a tour to Kuwait amounts of cash.
  • Tourists who have not reached the age of 16, upon receipt of a visa to Kuwait, are entered into the mother’s passport.
  • If a minor tourist goes to Kuwait, accompanied by one of the parents or 3 persons, it is necessary to attach to the package of documents for a visa to Kuwait permission from the parent staying in Russia or from both parents to leaving the tourist to Kuwait. This document is certified by the notary.

note! If there are marks on the visit to Israel in the tourist passport, entry into the territory of Kuwait will be prohibited.

If the tourist is going on a trip to Kuwait without a husband or children, most likely, a visa to Kuwait will not be given to her.

Address of the Kuwait Embassy in Moscow: Mosfilmovskaya Street, House 44. Phone of the Kuwait Embassy in Moscow: 8-499-147-00-40. Embassy is open on weekdays from 09: 00-15: 00.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

Visa to Kuwait - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Kuwait Travel Guide

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