Visa to Papua New Guinea

Tourists from Russia to visit Exotic New Guinea requires visa. Unfortunately, in our country today there is no Embassy of New Guinea. Tourists who want to receive a visa to a new Guinea appea to the Australian Embassy, ​​which is open in the capital. Second option – Send a package of documents to the Consulate of Papua New Guinea (located in Brussels). There is a third option – send documents for a visa to Papua-New Guinea to the Supreme Commission of the country, which is located in London. In the last two cases, documents are sent by mail, but the tourist should also be inserted into the envelope another empty envelope + brand.

Registration of a tourist visa in New Guinea

Travelers applying for a visa to New Guinea, you need to create a package of documents for a visa to a new Guinea in advance. Below are the documents necessary for obtaining a visa:

  • International passport. Please note that the term of the passport for a visa to a new Guinea should be from 12 months and more at the date of entry of the tourist on the territory of Papua New Guinea.
  • Do not forget to remove the xerocations from the first page of your identity card, which contains the personal data of the tourist.
  • To quickly and without difficulty get a visa to a new Guinea, fill in the visa application form. Clarify that the questionnaire on a visa to a new Guinea is filled in English. Do not forget to put a personal signature on the questionnaire for a visa to a new Guinea. We draw the attention of tourists that on minors of tourists entered in the parental passport, the questionnaire is also filled.
  • To get a visa to a new Guinea, take two photos. Requirements for the photo for a visa to a new Guinea: the photo should be color, the size of a photo for a visa to a new Guinea – 3.5 to 4.5 cm. The photo should not be oval, corners. Stock Foto Visa to new Guinea must be performed on bright background.
  • If you wish to get a visa to a new Guinea, attach air tickets to both ends to the package (you will need both xeroxes and originals).
  • To obtain a visa to a new Guinea, tourists must attach to the paper package of paper, confirming the hotel reservation in New Guinea (hotel reservation in New Guinea can be done on the Internet, in this case, the printout will be required. The fax printout of the hotel’s reservation in New Guinea) is also useful. Instead, the document is suitable for a new Guinea (his copy).

We will specify that the invitation to a new Guinea must contain the following information:

Visa to Papua-New Guinea - the cost and documents for registration of a visa in Papua-New Guinea

-Goals visiting New Guinea


-Passport number of tourist

-Information about the face, Savolysh invitation to a new Guinea

-The document confirming that the inviting is responsible (including financially) for the tourist during his stay in New Guinea.

Invitation is provided in two copies, one of which is sent to the Foreign Ministry of Papua New Guinea.

  • Data on the financial position of a tourist applying for a visa to a new Guinea. Data documents – Extract from the bank account, a certificate of acquiring a tourist currency. Clarify that the calculated amount is $ 500 to 7 days in the country.
  • Be sure to attach to the package of documents for a visa to a new Guinea, a receipt showing that the tourist paid the consular fee for a visa.

Address of the Australian Embassy in Moscow

Poppole lane, house 10a / 2. Telephone Embassy: 8-495-956-60-70. Submission of documents for a visa is carried out on weekdays from 09:30 am to 17 pm.

Delivery time visa in Papua-New Guinea

As a rule, a visa to a new Guinea is made in 14-30 days.

New Guinea visa cost

Today Visa in New Guinea costs $ 35. We clarify that the consular fee for a visa to a new Guinea is paid by the tourist already in the country if the visa issued the Embassy of Australia. In other cases, the traveler needs to pay this amount in advance. Option two – bank or postal transfer.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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