Visa to Portugal

Tourists from Russia, dreaming of visiting Sunny and hospitable Portugal, you need to get a visa to Portugal. The country issues a Schengen visa. Documents are submitted to the Embassy of the country or to the visa center.

Address of the Embassy of Portugal in Moscow

Botanical alley, house 1/3. Telephone organization: 8-495-981-34-16. Consulate: 8-495-34-14.

Address of the Visa Center of Portugal in Moscow:

Upper Radishchevskaya Street, house 14/21. Telephone organization: 8-499-426-03-78.

Visa Registration in Portugal

Attention! Do not forget to translate all documents into English, Portuguese or French before serving them!

If you are going to receive a visa to Portugal, check out the packet below. Carefully read the list of what you need. So, prepare:

  • International passport. Make sure the validity period of your passport – from 3 months after the completion of the tour in Portugal. We clarify that if you have 2 overseas passports (with a relevant period), you must provide both documents.
  • Visa to Portugal - Costs and documents for registration of a visa to Portugal Travel Guide
  • Remove the xerox with the 1st page of your passport, where there is personal tourist data.
  • To get a visa to Portugal, in the presence of a passport with an expired period of action, attach the xerox of its pages with Schengen visas to the package of documents for a visa in Portugal.
  • For registration of a visa to Portugal, you will need to fill two questionnaires for a visa to Portugal. These questionnaires tourist fills in online mode or prints and fills out. Clarify that the questionnaires for a visa in Portugal are filled or in English, or in Portuguese. Do not forget to sign the filled questionnaire.
  • To make a visa to Portugal, attach to the package of documents 3 photos for a visa in Portugal. Requirements for photos for a visa: Photos must be colored; Size photo for a visa in Portugal – 3.5 to 4.5 cm, background – White, no oval, corners. Moreover, the photo should be made no more than six months before the tour in Portugal.
  • To create a visa in Portugal, get a job help from work. Clarify. That certificate from the place of work is issued to the tourist exclusively on the company’s branded form. This certificate should contain the following information: the address of the company in which the tourist is working, the company number of the company, the position of tourist, the experience of his work in the company, the level of salary of the tourist. Also in the certificate, there must be that during the tour in Portugal, the tourist is on vacation, it is saved by the workplace. The head of the company must personally sign a certificate. It must be stamped in the organization.
  • To get a visa to Portugal, attach a document to the package document confirming your hotel reservation in Portugal. This document indicates: address of hotel, all hotel details, armor number, tourist name.
  • Also to the package of documents for a visa in Portugal, tickets are applied to both ends (copies).
  • In addition, you will need a medical policy to design a visa in Portugal (and both its original and a copy of it). We add that insurance should act throughout the trip. Coating Medstrashovka – from 30 thousand euros.
  • For registration of a visa to Portugal, it is necessary to confirm the financial consistency of the tourist. It can be an extract from a bank account, Travel Check, credit card statement). Note that the calculated amount – 75 euros on the first day of the tour in Portugal on the tourist, 50 euros – for every next day travel.
  • Tourists retirees apply a copy of the pension certificate to the document package. They will also need a certificate issued by the sponsor of the trip at work. It indicates the name of the sponsor, the position, the size of the SP + is the sponsored letter. The same applies to non-working tourist. Please note that if you are with my spouse / th different surnames, attach to the package of documents for a visa in Portugal Marriage Certificate!
  • Tourists-students need to be applied to the Package of Documents Xerox with Student. They will also need a certificate from the university and the letter of the sponsor.
  • Juvenile tourists traveling to Portugal with one parent or with third parties, attach to the package of documents for a visa in Portugal Departure permission, which is wrapped in a notary.
  • Children for registration of a visa in Portugal will require a birth certificate.

Visa cost in Portugal

Today, the consular fee for a visa in Portugal is 35 euros + service collection of the visa center 23 Euro.

Dates of registration of a visa in Portugal

As a rules, the visa in Portugal is drawn up in 5 days.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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