Visa in Taiwan

Tourists who have conceived a trip to Taiwan, you need to get a visa to Taiwan. This can be done by contacting the representative office of the Taipei-Moscow Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation in MSK (in particular, to his consular department).

Types of visas in Taiwan

Visas in Taiwan are several types:

  • Single visa to Tavan (Visitor). This visa is intended for tourists who arrived in Taiwan for negotiations, exhibitions, conferences and., In short, for business tourists.
  • Multiple visa in Taiwan (also visitor): a visa for tourists-owners of a long-term contract with any Taiwanese organization and attending Taiwan repeatedly.
  • Resident Visa in Taiwan (Resident) is intended for students’ tourists, as well as for those who arrived in Taiwan for more than six months.

Registration of a single visa in Taiwan

Visa to Taiwan - the cost and documents for registration of a visa in Taiwan Travel Guide

If you need a one-time visa to Taiwan, form a list of documents – They are listed below.

  • International passport. His validity period to get a visa to Taiwan without any problems should be from six months since the trip is completed in Taiwan.
  • To make a visa to Taiwan, fill out the form for a visa to Taiwan. What is convenient – It is filled in Russian.
  • For visa to Taiwan, tourists need to take photos. Photo Requirements for a visa in Taiwan: 2 pieces, photo Same, Colored, Photo Size – 3.5 to 4.5 cm. Clarify that the photo must be made on a bright background, which should be monophonic.
  • For tourist trips: First of all, you will need an invitation from Taiwan’s travel agency. At the invitation should be seal and all requisites inviting parties.
  • Apply to the package of documents for a visa to Taiwan, the program of your tour in Taiwan.
  • For a visa to Taiwan you will need a certificate of work. This document is issued on the company’s branded form. The certificate is the official printing of the company. The boss personally signs the document.
  • Apply to the Package of Documents Identiate from your account in the Bank. As an option – credit card or extract from your personal account.
  • For business tourists: Invitation from Taiwan organization. It is issued on the company’s branded form, fastens the signature of the Chief. This document necessarily indicates the purpose of visiting Taiwan tourist, the position of the traveler, as well as the name of the enterprise in which he works.
  • License is also needed (its copy) / certificate of registration of Taiwan organization.
  • And – Copy ID Card Who Signed Invitation to Taiwan.

Forming a package of documents for a visa to Taiwan, contact the above organization. Appeal is carried out without record.

Address of the organization: Moscow, Tverskaya Street, House 24/2, Corpus 1, 4 Store, 3-5. The organization works on weekdays from 9:30 am to 13:00 day. Passports are issued from 14-17 hours. Phone for references: 8 495 956 37 86/87/88/89/90.

Visa cost in Taiwan

One-time visa in Taiwan costs $ 50. Urgent visa to Taiwan will cost a tourist at $ 75.

Visa timing in Taiwan

The usual visa to Taiwan is drawn up in 5 days, urgent – For 2 working days.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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