Visa to the British Virgin Islands

Russian tourists can visit the British Virgin Islands (BVA) without a visa in two cases:

  1. During the cruise, subject to service here until 24 hours, and this is not the first and not the last port. Suited from March 8, 2017.
  2. In the presence of visas of Great Britain, USA or Canada, valid 6 months from the date of entry on the BVA. This program is called " Visa Exemption ", Suited since 2016 and allows visa-free entry for up to 6 months.

In all other cases, it is necessary to issue a visa in the visa center of Great Britain for £141.

  • Site Embassy United
  • TLSCONTACT Visa Center websitetlscontact.Com
  • Government site of the British Virgin Islandsbvi.GOV.VG

Visa design algorithm for British Virgin

The UK Embassy in the Russian Federation takes visas requests through the TLSContact Visa Center (hereinafter – HC).

Visa to the British Virgin Islands

The first thing is to write to the reception, you should register for GOV.Uk. Here, in Onlan, you need to fill out an application application and pay for the collection in the amount £141 (paid in usd). The visa center does not charge an additional service collection, everything is already included.

Stages of design:

    Go to gov.UK and in the section "Selection of a visa category" Select: Visit, Study, Work or Settle in Certain British Crown Dependencies, Commonwealth Countries or British Overseas Territories and Next:

  • Fill in the application form (I need a passport and an internal passport), then print and sign it;
  • Pay visa collection £141;
  • Select the date and time of submission of documents to the HC;
  • Get a unique GWF number (remember it, it will be required when registering on TLSContAct).
  • Go to the site of the HC, register an account there in order to track the application and confirm the time of submission of documents (for this you need the GWF number).

During the filing of all applicants, it is photographed and carried out fingers (fingers scanned). The turnout is always personal, even for very small children up to 5 years. Appropriately a child must accompany someone from legal representatives.

Documents for a visa to the British Virgin Islands

Basic feed kit:

  1. Original and scan of passport.
  2. Scan Pages with registration and photography of the internal passport of the Russian Federation.
  3. Visa Profile. Fill in GOV.UK online, print and sign. For the child painting puts one of the parents.
  4. Two photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Picture Requirements See here.
  5. Financial guarantees. Standard reference indicating salary and position. With IP, you will need a photocopy of registration in the CCI and the taxpayer identification number. From pensioners – duplicate pension book, with unemployed – labor. Schoolchildren and students – Help from educational institution.
  6. Extract from the Bank on the official branded form with signature and printing (original).
  7. Reservation, voucher or invitation letter, in which date and all participants of the trip are prescribed.
  8. Tickets for the plane (there and back).

Additionally for children:

  1. Duplicate Svid-Wa Birth.
  2. Scans of passports of legal guardians (passhed and internal).
  3. Letter of guarantor + certificate of its income and extract from the bank on the branded form in the name of the sponsor.
  4. Consent to the departure from parents / parents, certified by a notary if a minor rides with 3 persons or with one parent.

In cases where one of the parents is missing for some reasons, it is necessary to make a justification (a certificate of disappearance, death certificate).

All documents are served by a single set, it is impossible to fasten them with each other. Originals need to be prevailing exclusively for reconciliation. We advise not to put them in the general folder in order not to forget. Otherwise you will stay without the original documents – Consulate will return only passport.

Visa to the British Virgin Islands

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