Visas in Kenya

To design a visa online you need:
– Register with Evisa;
– After confirmation of registration Select a section "DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION SERVICES", and then – "Submit Application" And the desired type of visa: "transit" or "Singe Entry Visa";
– Next is filled with a visa questionnaire, to which the scan of the passport is attached (pages with the applicant data) and the photo of the passport format (size is not 500 MB).

After filling in the questionnaire, you must pay a visa collection of $ 51 for an entry visa or $ 21 for a transit visa. Children under the age of 16 visa is free. In case of refusal, fees are not refunded.

The decision to issue a visa is accepted during, at least two working days. After the visa is approved, the corresponding notification will be sent to the applicant by email. After that, in your personal account on the website Ecitizen you need to download and print the visa blank.

Border crossing

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months;
  • E-Visa printout or a visa issued by the consulate, or a single East African visa;
  • stay at / invitation from relatives, friends, business partners;
  • Travel route (or reverse tickets or third country tickets).

Registration of an entry visa in the consulate

Entrance visa (tourism, private or business visit)

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months at the time of submission of documents. In the passport there must be at least one clean page to glue a visa;
  • 2 copies of the first page of the passport with the applicant data;
  • 2 photos (colored or black and white) 3×4 cm sizes;
  • 2 visa profiles filled in English and signed by the applicant personally;
  • In the case of a tourist trip – 2 copies of invitations from the Kenyan tourist company on the official form of the company (original or fax) with a program of stay of the day, or you can provide confirmation of the hotel’s hotel;
  • Visas in Kenya
  • In the case of a private visit – 2 copies of the identity card of a citizen Kenya / work permit, if inviting is not a citizen of the country. 2 instances of invitations from a private person (original or fax). In the invitation, the data of inviting and invited, the date of travel and the address of residence in Kenya must be specified. The inviting party must indicate that it is ready to take on all costs associated with the stay of a foreigner in the country. Invitation can be written in free form, assurance is not required;
  • Printout of air tickets on both sides, or tickets to the third country.

Transit visa

To design a transit visa in the Consular Department of the Kenya Embassy in Moscow, it is necessary to provide the same set of documents as for an entry visa, but instead of invitation – tickets throughout the route and visa to the country of final follows, if required.

Uniform East African Visa

By agreement between the governments of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda from April 11, 2014. A single East African visa is introduced – East African Tourist Visa, which gives the right to multiple entry and stay in these three countries without registration of individual national visas. This visa is issued in the consulates of the above countries, it is not issued on the border.

  • 1 Color photo of a passport format on a white background (corners, frames and oval). The face must be clearly seen, the applicant should not have glasses, hats and other headdresses hiding face or part of the face;
  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months. The passport should be at least two clean pages for gluing visas and inbound-exit stamps;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the data and the photo of the applicant;
  • Confirmation of accommodation: an invitation letter from the travel company, confirmation of the hotel’s reservation (fax from the hotel, printing from the websites of international booking systems) or the letter (Visa Application Letter) from the receiving party in the name of the Kenya ambassador (for Rwanda or Uganda may be other requirements). The Kenya Embassy does not require confirmation for East African visa from all three countries, only the armor of the Kenyan hotel is enough.

The consulate reserves the right to demand additional documents, such as a ticket booking, a description of the route or reservation of hotels in Uganda and Rwanda.

Consular fee

Consular fee for issuing a single transit visa is $ 20, a single entry visa – $ 50, a multiple entry visa – $ 110, a single East African visa – $ 100.

The collection is charged with each adult applicant, children under the age of 16, the National Kenyan Visa is issued for free.

Payment is made in US dollars when submitting documents in the consular department. The exact amount of the collection amount without passing.

Duration of Visa

A single entry visa is issued for a period of 90 days (from the date of issue).
Transit visa gives the right to stay in the country within 72 hours.
Multiple visa gives the right to enter and stay in Kenya for 6 months (this visa is delayed and must issue three months before the entrance).
A single East African visa gives the right to multiple entry in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, a period of validity – 90 days.

The procedure and timeline of visas

Submit documents for a visa personally, through a trustee or any courier service or through travel agency. In the event of filing and receiving documents through a trustee requires a power of attorney from the owner of the passport (in free form).

In the Consular Department of the Kenya Embassy in Moscow, the reception and issuance of documents are made from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 15.thirty.

In most cases, the visa is drawn up within an hour after submission of documents. If necessary, additional checks, the deadline may increase to 2 business days.
If you need to make a delayed visa (for example, a trip from May 01 is planned, but for a number of reasons the applicant cannot file documents directly before the trip), then contact the embassy you need three months before the trip. In this case, the visa will start acting with the applicant’s applicant. At the same time, in addition to the consular charges charge in the amount of $ 10.

Registration of a visa to citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan

Visa for citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan is drawn up only after receiving the visa permission from the immigration service of Kenya. The deadline for issuing such a permit is three months. This type of tourist visa is called "Referred Visa".
For registration of a visa, citizens of the States listed above must provide a consulate as the same set of documents as citizens of the Russian Federation, but instead of two it is necessary to fill three visa profiles and attach three photos to them.

A single visa is issued, a fee for which is $ 50. An additional fee of $ 10 is also charged for sending documents to the immigration service of Kenya.

Trip to Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda with a single Kenyan visa

If, during your stay in Kenya, a trip to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi is planned, and then returning to Kenya, for re-entering the country remains a real one-time visa obtained at the first entry in Kenya on the border or in the consulate. Repeatedly or a lot of multiple Kenyan visa is not required.
Important! Tourist should not travel beyond these countries.

Visas in Kenya

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