Visas in Malawi

Citizens of Russia requires a visa to enter Malawi. Embassies of Malawi in Russia No, the nearest is in Berlin. A visa can also be issued in Malawi dipms in neighboring countries (in South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia).

Registration of a visa in the consulate in Berlin

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months at the time of the intended entry into the country;
  • Two visa profiles filled in English and signed by the applicant;
  • two identical photos of the passport format;
  • Proof of the availability of sufficient funds for traveling (for example, a printout of an extract from a bank account, printing tickets and T.NS.);
  • Confirmation of the hotel’s reservation (Printout from the websites of international booking systems or printing of the hotel / travel agencies, or fax).
  • Visas in Malawi

Documents for a visa at the consulate of Malawi in Berlin can file the applicant personally or a trustee.

The consulate also accepts documents sent by mail or through courier services, while it is important to remember that Russian legislation prohibits sending passports across the border of the Russian Federation, and the consulate does not accept a copy of the passport.

Additional information about the work of the visa department can be obtained by phone: +49 (30) 843-1540 or on the official website of the Consulate of Malawi in Germany.

Duration of Visa

One-time visa: a period of validity – three months from the date of issue, the stay is determined at the entrance to the country (usually corresponds to tickets and / or hotel armor). Multiple visa: The validity period is six months from the date of issue, the stay is determined at the entrance to the country (usually corresponds to tickets and / or hotel armor). Transit visa: a period of validity of the month from the date of issue, the period of stay – up to 7 days.

Consular fee and visa

The consular fee for a single tourist visa is 80 euros, for a multiple visa – 160 euros, a transit visa – 60 euros. The standard amount of the visa is from 7 to 14 days, however, with a personal presence in the consulate and availability of tickets confirming the rapid departure from Germany to the third country, a visa may issue on the day of circulation.

Registration of a visa in neighboring Malawi countries

In Tanzania (g. Darussalam) and Mozambique (g. Maputo) For registration of a visa in Malawi, a passport is required, two photos of the passport format and the completed questionnaire. The cost of a single visa period of action for three months is $ 100. Visa is issued on the day of circulation or the next day.

In Zambia (g. Lusaka) or South Africa (g. Johannesburg) Besides the passport and photos, also requires tickets to / from Malawi. The deadline varies from one to seven days – depending on the mood of consular workers. The cost of one-time visa in Lusaka is $ 150, in Johannesburg – $ 100.

Visas in Malawi

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