Visas in Mexico

Citizens of Russia and the CIS for entering Mexico requires a visa. Visa can be issued at the consulate of Mexico in Moscow. Electronic permission to enter the country can be issued directly on the website of the National Institute of Migration Mexico (only for citizens of Russia and Ukraine).

Starting from May 1, 2010. Citizens of Russia, who have a valid US visa in the passport, can enter Mexico without a Mexican visa, if the purpose of the visit is tourism, transit, short-term business visit, not related to the extraction of profits in Mexico. The term of stay in the country may not exceed 180 days during one trip. The number of entries in Mexico is not limited.

Registration of permission to enter Mexico via the Internet

Citizens of Russia and Ukraine wishing to visit Mexico for the purpose of tourism, transit, business visit, can issue an electronic permission to enter the country directly on the website of the National Institute of Migration Mexico. For registration, permission must be filled out the online form, which indicates the applicant’s personal data, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, religion, number and date of issuing a passport, the date of entry and the estimated period of stay in the country, the purpose of the visit. After filling out the questionnaire, check all the information specified and click the button "send". The answer (usually positive) comes within 5-15 minutes. Each electronic resolution has a unique number, contains information about the applicant and the goal of its trip, as well as barcode.

Permission must be printed and present when registering for flight an employee of the airline, and then, by arrival in Mexico, together with the current passport and the migration card filled with a migration officer. At the same time, stamps on the crossing of the border are put into the passport, the visa sticker is not inserted. Without printed permission, entry into the country is impossible.

The term of the permit (on the entry) is 30 days from the date of issue, after the expiration of the term, you can request a new resolution.

The term of stay in the country is determined by the deadlines specified when filling out an electronic questionnaire.

This permission gives the right to enter Mexico. For arrival in Mexico with electronic resolution, citizens of the Russian Federation can take advantage of any airline.

At the moment, the fee for registration is not charged.

Important! To exclude possible misunderstandings with a airline when landing on the flight, it is desirable to have a printout from the site of the National Institute of Migration Mexico on the rules of entry with electronic resolution.

This permission is valid only for those entering Mexico through international airports.

Visa registration in the consulate

Visa registration consists of two stages. At the first stage, you should fill out an electronic request for a visa on-line directly on the website of the Mexico Embassy.
Before filling out the request, you must register, after which the password for accessing the electronic questionnaire will be sent to the applicant’s email address. The questionnaire is discharged for 10 minutes, so all the necessary data (name, phone and hotel address) must be prepared in advance. In mandatory, all data is entered by Latin letters. After filling, you need to press the coppe "send", and then print an application form with applicant data.
After sending a request to the applicant’s email address, a letter is sent to the date, starting with which you can contact the consulate to stagnation of a visa to a passport. However, it is important to remember that the date of appeal to the consulate is indicated by Mexican time (the difference with Moscow is 8 hours), so it is necessary to add a day to the specified date. It is also recommended after filling out an electronic questionnaire to call the consulate and clarify its availability in the system.

The second stage of the design of the visa (direct appeal to the consulate) includes the delivery of a package of documents and fingerprints, as well as payment of the consular fee. You must provide the following documents:

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least six months from the end of the trip;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant’s personal data;
  • copies of acting visas, if any;
  • copies of previous Mexican visas, if any;
  • printed questionnaire with the applicant’s signature;
  • Visas in Mexico
  • 2 identical color photographs of 3×4 cm sizes, made on a white background;
  • Documents confirming the availability of funds sufficient to finance the trip. These documents include recent statements from bank accounts, traveler checks and their copies (it is desirable that the amount makes at least $ 2500 in the absence of reference from work).
    Direct evidence also includes documents for movable and immovable property, documents confirming partnership in business, certificates for the acquisition of shares and other securities, so the availability of copies of these documents significantly increases the chances of obtaining a visa;
  • Help from the place of work (translation and certification are not required) on a blank with all coordinates of the enterprise, indicating the post and salary (preferably at least $ 800), signed by the Director of the enterprise and the chief accountant, certified by the seal.
    Individual private entrepreneurs will require photocopy of certificate of registration of IP / PBUUL and registration in tax authorities and a certificate in the form of 2ndfl (with a monthly income of at least $ 800);
  • non-working pensioners – photocopy of the pension certificate, certificate from the work of the person who pays for the trip, or an extract from his bank account, a statement by signing a given person that he pays for expenditure to stay in Mexico;
  • For students – a student card, a certificate from the place of study, a certificate from the place of work of a person who pays for the trip, a statement by signing a given person that he pays for spending on stay in Mexico;
  • For schoolchildren – a certificate from school, a certificate from the workplace of the person who pays for the trips, a statement by signing a given person that he pays for expenditure on stay in Mexico;
  • If a child travels, accompanied by one of the parents or third parties, a copy of his birth certificate is needed, notarized consent to the child’s export from the remaining parent / parents and a copy of the first page of the principal passport.

After the employee of the consular department gets acquainted with the package of documents, the applicant scans the prints of large fingers of both hands (or other fingers in case of damage or lack of large). Typos of fingers pass all applicants, regardless of age.

Transit visa

A visa-free transit is allowed within 24 hours, provided that the tourist arrives in Mexico by the aircraft, having a visa and tickets to the destination. It is not allowed to leave the controlled airport zone. In other cases, it is necessary to design a tourist visa in advance.

Requirements for photos

  • photo size 3×4 cm;
  • Photos must be performed no earlier than six months before applying for a visa;
  • The photo paper must be matte;
  • Clear color image on a white background;
  • The image should occupy about 70% of the picture;
  • There should be no ovals, frames and corners;
  • The applicant must be depicted without sunglasses, hats, shawls, except when it is necessary for religious reasons.

Consular fee

Consular fee is 36 US dollars. The fee is paid in rubles at the rate on the day of payment when submitting documents in the consular department.

Dates of valve

The standard period of tourism visa is 5 and 10 years. The term of stay in the country is determined by the Migration Service of Mexico and can be from 14 to 90 days.

Dates of registration of Visa

The reception date in the consulate is appointed on the second or third day from the date of departure of the electronic visa request. Visa registration is 2-3 days.

Procedure for registration of visa

Documents are served in person or through the travel agency accredited at the embassy. Document filing is carried out from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 11.30, issuing passports with ready-made visas – from Monday to Friday, from 12.30 to 13.thirty.

Ride with children

Minors (under the age of 18) traveling, accompanied by third parties who are not parents or official guardians, either without adult support when leaving Mexico to any country should have a notarized power of attorney for departure and travel alone or accompanied by a third party from both parents / guardians. If such a power of attorney is issued outside of Mexico, it must be certified by the seal of the apostille or the seal of the Consulates of Mexico in the country of issue and accompanied by an authorized translation into Spanish.

Children under the age of 17 do not necessarily have their passport if they are inscribed in the passport and visa of parents and travel the place with them.

Visas in Mexico

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