Visas in Montenegro

Russian citizens to enter the territory of Montenegro for the period up to 30 days of the visa, as well as vouchers, invitations and other similar documents are not required. Only a passport is needed, the validity of which is at least 90 days from the date of the trip.

Also without a visa to the territory of Montenegro, citizens of Ukraine may enter (stay – up to 90 days, vouchers and invitations are not required) and citizens of Belarus (stay – up to 30 days, additional voucher of travel agencies or an invitation from a legal or individual).

If a trip is planned for a longer period, the visa must be obtained in advance at the Consular Department of the Montenegro Embassy in Moscow.

Visa registration in the consulate

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 3 months from the end of the validity period of the visa;
  • 2 Colored 3×4 cm photos on a monochrome background. The color of the background value does not have;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant data; filled with Latin letters and signed by the applicant. The questionnaire is filled on the computer or "by hand" printed letters;
  • Statement in free form in the name of the Consul asking for a visa. The application must be printed on a computer in Russian. The statement indicates the dates and goals of the trip, the place of residence of the applicant for the entire trip of the trip;
  • A copy of the invitation from the host (or private person) certified at the local police station, or a copy of the apartment for renting an apartment / villa, or confirmation of the hotel (printing from the websites of international booking systems or fax) or voucher of travel agencies;
  • Real estate owners in Montenegro must provide documents confirming possession of property: a copy of the contract of sale, solutions to pay taxes or failed faults.

The procedure and timeline of visas

Visas in Montenegro

Submission of documents to the consulate is carried out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09.00 to 12.00. There is no pre-recording. Submit documents in person or through a trustee (in this case, a notarized power of attorney for submitting documents from the passport owner) is necessary).

Also, the visa documents can be submitted through the courier service "PONY EXPRESS". The service is provided to citizens of the Russian Federation, with the exception of residents. Moscow and the Moscow Region, which should apply for a visa directly to the Consular Department of the Montenegro Embassy in Moscow.

The visa is drawn up for one to two weeks from the moment of submission of documents and is issued strictly a week before the trip.

Additional information on the work of the Consulate of Montenegro in Moscow and the rules for filing documents for a visa can be obtained by visa department phones: +7 (499) 230-18-65, 230-18-76.

Consular fee

The consular fee is 62 euros, for visas for children under the age of 14 – 32 Euro. The fee is paid in the euro directly in the consular department when submitting documents.

In case of submission of documents through "PONY EXPRESS" In addition to the visa collection, the service fee of the company in the amount of 1600 rubles. Visa collection is also paid in rubles in the office of the company at the rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment.

Rules for registration of foreigners in the territory of Montenegro

In accordance with the rules of staying in Montenegro, every foreigner is obliged to register with the internal affairs bodies at the place of stay within 24 hours (in Budva – within 72 hours) from the moment of arriving in the country or changes in the place of residence. On Sunday and holidays, registration items do not work.

Registration ("Bijeli Karton" – "White cardboard") It is drawn up in the offices of the tourism organization Montenegro (in resort cities offices are usually located in the center of the resort area. Search for title "Turisticka Organizacija") or in police management in the Foreigners Department.

In the event that a foreigner lives at the hotel, a motel, a hostel, a sanatorium, the registration of yourself takes the administration. Tourist taxes are charged in the amount of 0.70-0.80 euros per person per day (depending on the place of stay). With children up to 12 years old, duty is not charged, children from 12 to 18 years old pay 50%. As a rule, they are not included in the room rate and are charged additionally at the entrance to the hotel.

If a foreigner lives with friends, relatives, or removes the apartments, register it can owner real estate, or a foreigner must do it on its own. For this you need:
– buy and fill out a blank "White cardboard" (sold in turbines and bookstores),
– In the bank or post office to pay for the duty (depending on the place of stay – 0.70-0.80 euros per day per person. For children under 12 years old duty is not paid),
– Provide a receipt for payment of duty filled with blank "White cardboard" and passport in tourism or police. Some municipalities may also require a copy of the property owner’s passport.

From April 1, 2015, the blank of white cardboard with the seal of foreigners is not issued on the hands, and the data is entered by a common database.

If a foreigner did not register during, he must pay a fine. Also, a fine of 200 euros is charged on departure from the country in the absence of information in the database on the formulation of one or another alien for registration at the place of his stay in Montenegro.

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